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Service call prices are the same every day of the year, including public holidays.
Monday-Friday, 6am-5pm. Saturday and Sunday, 6am-3pm.

Loan Equipment

If we need to take out pumps or other equipment, we install loan pumps etc, so your pool never goes green.

Green Pools Price depending on state of pool, but sometimes a green pool may require up to four visits, plus chemicals. Our main goal is always to make it as cheap as possible.

Pool Gates Adjustment or replacement of pool hinges and

Sand Change Sand changes in your pool filter. In a domestic pool this is recommended every 8 to 10 years.
In a commercial filter this is recommended every 3 years.

Residential Inspection | $149

Looking to buy a home on the Sunshine Coast? Request an inspection of the pool equipment today!
We wil provide you with a comprehensive written report of any repairs required.

Automating Chemical Controllers We supply and service any brand of chemical automatic controllers.

Test and Balance | $22 We come to you, test your pool and add the chemicals you need; no more than you require.

Regular Pool Service | $55 We spend 45 minutes testing your pool, clean your filter and baskets, vacuum and check your equipment.

Instruction Services | $55 If you've never had a pool before, or just want to learn more about your pool, we spend an hour with you and teach you everything you need to know to care for your pool. If you need more than one hour - no extra charge. We will not leave until you feel in control of your pool.

Holiday Servicing | $55 If you are going away for a long holiday, do not let your pool go green. Let us keep your pool looking great for $55 a fortnight. Much cheaper than treating a green pool when you return from vacation.

Service Calls | $88

One off service calls to locate problems on equipment. Includes 1 hour on site consultation.

Calibration | $88 Calibration and Servicing of Chemical controllers such as Chemigem and all other brands.

Pool Stain Treatment | $200 If you have persistent stains in the pool, we do a stain treatment that takes a week. Included is a number of visits and all the chemicals required. It does not include a guarantee that the stains will be gone, due to the age of the stains, but so far we have had a 100% success rate.

Acid Wash | $600 Acid washing of pools. For an average size domestic pool of 50000 liters, the price for draining the pool, acid washing, filling the pool and rebalance the water chemistry.