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Frequently Asked Questions

Filter Maintenance
There are a few things to think about regarding filter maintenance. If you have a domestic pool and you have a sand filter, you will need a sand change every five to ten years, depending on how the filter has been maintained. If you just bought a property and donít know how often the filter has been back washed it might be a good idea to do a sand change.

If the filter is getting blocked up, you will waste money on chemicals. Great for any pool shop, but not the way we want you to spend your money.

Commercial filter needs a sand change every two to three years. In terms of cartridge filters, replace them at least every five years in a domestic filter, and every twelve months in a commercial filter.

Pool Lights

In some older pool lights there are parts available to fix them. If not, we can give you a quote for a new light. If you donít
have a light at all and want one, there are alternatives as well. There are ways to install pool lights without having cords
going through the walls when the pool was built.

Pool Surface Maintenance

If you need to resurface your pebble pool, re-do your tiles or re-line your vinyl, ask us for the best people in the business.
After years in the business, we have seen the best and the worst.

Pool Cleaners Not Working

A pool cleaner that does not move can have a variety of issues. A dislocated vac plate, a broken diaphragm or hammer
getting stuck, pin holes in vac hose or a speed valve not adjusted to the right suction. Call us if you need help with any
of these problems.

Constant Algae Problems

This is a question that keeps coming up. Many people treat their algae or green pools with high doses of chlorine, with
no effect. The most common reason is that the Ph has not been adjusted first. Chlorine is Ph dependant, so always get
your Ph low before adding high doses of chlorine.

Another reason not to be able to get rid of algae is that there are many types of it. Some types require a very special type
of treatment. So you need to know what type of algae you have.

The last but not least is animals in your pool. If you let your dog swim in your pool its like having twenty people in your
pool. A chlorinator will have no chance of keeping up the chlorine level in that pool, and algae will build up. Same with
ducks in a pool.